The Union of the Norwegian Art and Antique Traders

The Union of the Norwegian Art and Antique Traders (Norges Kunst- og Antikvitetshandleres Forening) was founded in 1945. The organisation was originally based upon a club of gentlemen who were basically dealing in art. They met daily for lunch and established this organisation. Today we count around 30 members dealing in antiques, carpets, art, coins, stamps, books and related items. Most of our members are situated in, or in the vicinity of Oslo. The oldest have been in business since the 19th century. The main annual events are the General Assembly and the autumn exhibition arranged in Oslo. This exhibition draws 40 to 45 exhibitors, and is our finest show in which 10 to 15 of our members participate. The President is elected annually. Mrs. Marianne Gjertsen, is serving her second term. The secretarial services is provided by Thor G. Naess at Damms Antikvariat. The president rules together with a board of six other members, elected for two years. NKAF seeks to keep up a high standard of quality in selling and buying. We are also constantly in contact with the legislative authorities regarding changes or regulations concerning export and import.